is a multi-faceted business.

The "" part of our business is reflected in our use of natural wood for building your dream kitchen, vanity, and other fine furniture.

We also associate wood with environmentally friendly products. We can offer a wide range of FSC certified products, non-additionally added formaldehyde products, weed straw board, bamboo, water based finishes, and many other environmentally friendly products.

The "" in our name is because we are not limited to wood products. We also offer a wide range of different countertop materials like acrylic, quartz, paper-made, and laminate and are always looking for new countertop materials.

We also work with aluminum, stainless steel, glass, and other beautiful materials to enhance your project.

We take great pride in using “top of the line” hardware and materials for all of our products and we are constantly searching for new great products. We use modern technology for all of the design, planning, and manufacturing, and are able to supply you with 3D coloured drawings.

No job is too small for us, but if it is too large we will be honest and tell you.

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